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Generate & Share Custom
Social Marketing Reports

A customizable interface for creating reports based on brand and competitor social activity, which can be easily and securely shared with stakeholders and clients.

With Social Books, marketers can easily construct customized, brandable 'books' of reports utilizing data and insights gleaned from the Awareness Social Marketing Hub and layered with their own descriptive text, to tell key stakeholders the story of the social marketing programs they're running.

Social Books can consist of multiple pages and can be branded for your company or with a client's logo. Create different Social Books to easily track your programs' progress internally, report status to clients or use them as your own personal dashboard to easily reference your most important metrics.

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Social Books

Awareness' Social Books features:

    • Create Books of Social Reports To Tell Your Story - Easily assemble custom books using charts and data tables to illustrate the progress of social campaigns, channel and content effectiveness, competitive positioning and more, tailored to individual audiences.
    • Secure Sharing Links - Provide secure access to internal stakeholders and clients through secure links to your Social Books.
    • Export to PDF - Create professional-looking, brandable PDF reports with a single click.

Social Books is available now as a standard feature of the Awareness Social Marketing Hub. Request a demo here.

Show the value of social to your clients & stakeholders with Social Books and the Social Marketing Hub!

Show off your Social Strategy and Highlight Social Insights & ROI

"We've made it incredibly easy to utilize the social media data to tell a compelling story and get that story into the hands of your most important audiences: key stakeholders and clients."

- Brian Zanghi,
CEO Awareness, Inc.

"Social Books give marketers a powerful set of tools to inform strategic business decisions by easily summarizing and explaining how marketing efforts and campaigns are progressing."

- Mike Lewis
VP Sales & Marketing,
Awareness Inc.

"With the launch of Social Books, Awareness is enabling brands and agencies to collect and easily share insights they need to both decision-makers and marketing professionals in a secure, flexible and customizable way."

- Rebecca Wettemann
VP of Research
Nucleus Research

Import brand-specific insights and metrics into charts, tables and more straight from the Hub!

Social Books2


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