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Social Intelligence Dashboard

Get unified, compressive and custom reporting across your social channels

We've all experience the challenges of reporting on social media marketing activities. We're all exposed to an overwhelming a mount of data – from marketing automation systems, CRM, email marketing, web analytics platforms, and ALL the different social media outlets they engage with. This overwhelming amount of data has us confused and wondering how to define 'the real value' of social activities.

The Social Intelligence Dashboard features report and dashboard templates that help you get started with sophisticated social marketing analysis. Simple drag and drop functionality allow you to manipulate data like a pro, with no coding required. It combines your social marketing data from the Social Hub with non-social channels such as, Google Analytics and Omniture and gives you the ability to output reports in convenient formats like Excel, Word, PDF and Powerpoint.

Consolidated Reporting across Social Media Channels

providing marketers with one place to see what's going on with social marketing campaigns.

Trend Reporting

detailing how social media channels and content are performing over time.

Content Audit Trails

providing a permanent record of who published what, when, and to where.

Customized reports

allowing marketers to select from a broad range of best practice reports or create their own unique reports based on their business need

Reporting in the cloud

giving marketers access to raw social media data such as content, contacts, comments and sentiment in a secure location in the cloud.

Unparalleled report flexibility

capturing a wide variety of social media measures and customizing reports by marketing campaign, url tag and shortened url.

Deep Integration

connecting with existing web properties including, Google Analytics and Omniture centralizing your data and providing a full view of all your marketing initiatives

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