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Acquire Customers. Socially.

We understand that social marketing is about generating demand. To do this, it's not enough to simply understand the customers you have. Your next great customers are out there on the social web. Find them.

At Awareness, we're changing the game as the only software provider that allows you to create your own rules to easily identify not only your top prospects from among your engaged audience but also from among those waiting to be discovered each day on the social web. Generate leads, build demand, and drive sales using your rules, not someone else's.

Know the Customers You Have, Find the Ones You Don't

  • Discover people of interest on the social web outside of your current audience
  • Automatically store new profiles you discover
  • Track these individuals over time to form an accurate picture of each person based on their posts, demographic information, location and more

Industry's First Customizable, Rules Based Scoring Engine

  • Create your own complex scoring rules to weight the Social Profiles rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach using rules defined by someone else
  • Score and rank individuals using the most important metrics to your brand
  • Fine tune your marketing segments over time to identify the best people for each marketing campaign
  • Dynamically update your rankings as you identify and track new prospects

Seeing is believing; request a demo of this game-changing social marketing automation suite today!

Demand more from your social marketing investment with Awareness.

Social ProspectingSocial Prospecting

Identify new prospects outside of your established audience using social activity criteria (e.g. users who are engaging with competitors' brands, discussing specific topics, or who are taking actions that indicate buyer's intent) and automatically add these individuals to the Awareness Social Profile database, effectively making the entire social web your database.

Social ProfileSocial Profile Database

Social Profiles create an accurate picture of your brand's existing audience as well as targeted prospects on the social web. Social Profiles are populated with all available demographic information, interests, and preferences and coupled with each person's likes, posts, comments, and shares the Social Marketing Hub creates deep profile intelligence to help build a clear picture of the individual for targeted engagement.

Social ScoringSocial Scoring

Using this ground-breaking capability, companies can easily build their own segmentation logic to meet the specific goals of their business. Marketers can create Scorecards (targeted lists of Social Profiles) based on weighted activity and demographic information. Each Social Profile in the Scorecard will have a dynamic score, similar to a customized Klout score. For example, users may create customized Scorecards for Social Buying Behavior, Competitive Interactions, and Social Influencers. Prospects can then be targeted for messaging via the Hub or integrated into CRM, marketing automation, and email management systems.



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