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Get unified, comprehensive metrics reporting across your social media channels

Enterprises know they need to extend their marketing efforts to social media channels, but they are often lacking the tools to measure social media marketing. Without the data about the effectiveness and reach of social media marketing, it's impossible to make strategic decisions about where to invest time and money, and how to measure success.

Consolidated Reporting across Social Media Channels

that provides marketers with one place to see what's going on with social marketing campaigns.

Trend Reporting

that shows how social media channels and content are performing over time.

Content Audit Trails

that provide a permanent record of who published what, when, and to where.

A broad range of reports

that give marketers a view of both the big picture and the important details.

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub delivers the data needed by marketers to measure success and to get strategic about social media marketing.

  • Aggregated comparative reporting across all social media channels
  • Qualitative insights to fine-tune marketing investments
  • Real-time snapshot for precise action and reaction
  • Realize greater return on your social media effort

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