Office planning two-dot-oh style
Help us design our new digs...With the new faces we've been adding (and the fact that there's more to come), the current office has gotten pretty cram...
Oct 8, 2007
at 3:01:09 PM
SEC Rules Social Media Announcements Satisfy Public Disclosure
I am glad to hear that the SEC recognizes Corporate Blogs and Corporate sites (such as corporate branded social media sites) as appropriate vehicles f...
Aug 1, 2008
at 10:54:45 AM
Microsoft and Enterprise Social Media.
Bill Gates hosted his 2008 CEO Summit a couple of weeks ago. It's a high powered event, attended by more than 100 company CEOs from around the world t...
Sep 7, 2008
at 1:43:52 PM
Build or Join? Success Comes From Leveraging Both
Build or Join: I have read many blogs on this topic and many prospects have asked my advice on this social media conundrum. The problem here is that i...
Jul 25, 2008
at 1:05:58 PM
KM and the 800 Lb. Gorilla
[This article also appears in the online newsletter CRMAdvocate.]We management consultants love to draw attention to our enterprise-scale experience....
May 20, 2008
at 2:01:42 PM
Why companies will need to change as a result of web 2.0
As mentioned in a previous post, I have spent a couple of days in London, UK. The location is great, but getting here was a nightmare. Those who fol...
Feb 21, 2008
at 9:01:15 PM
Hiring a great marketing director..
One of the toughest challenges for any growing company is hiring high quality individuals at the right pace. Build out the team too soon and there's n...
Sep 17, 2007
at 11:51:28 AM
Walking the Blog Walk...
Sara Frampton - part of the iUpload Customer Care Team - has a post that is a great example of how to use blogs to respond to feedback. It seems conte...
Jan 10, 2006
at 1:28:00 PM
Interesting Marketing Article....How to win friends and influence people - the social networking way
Recent research shows that social media sites don't have to be no-go areas for brands as long as they make sure they fulfil certain criteria...
Jul 20, 2007
at 3:52:52 PM
Add/Edit Category
aAdd or edit a Category on the Add Category or Edit Category pages respectively. The name of the Category is listed first, and this name should descri...
Mar 9, 2007
at 12:10:38 PM

Social Media Ethics Questionnaire

I will post the quantitative parts publicly in a subsequent blog post...
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