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A new year has meant lots of planning around what lays ahead for the next 12 twelve months. For all of you that were thinking " what does iUpload have planned for '06?" as you watched the ball drop (ok, maybe it was just me thinking that), I can report that the pipeline is full of pretty exciting stuff. As a bit of a preview, here's a summary on what to expect in the product in the first 90 days:

Single Platfom
Our next release will see us move to one integrated platform able to manage all your content - from formal to informal, structured to unstructured. Companies need to be able to manage smaller more discreet pieces of content from an increasingly broad audience and our platform will continue to blur the lines between web content management, blogs and wikis and allow you to do this.

I've Been Wikified
We've added wiki features (what's a wiki?) to the application and will make them available down to the individual piece of content or blog post level. That means that any blog post could be a wiki and creates a powerful enviroment for collaboration when combined with our communty and aggregation capabilities.

Note: This post in fact has been "wikified" so you could edit this post "as we speak"... in fact we're still taking nominations for the name of this single platform so if you have any suggestions, go ahead and click on the "edit this wiki" link at the top of this post.

Versioning and Reporting
Versioning has been part of our web content management feature set for some time and we are now adding it to corporate blogging. Administrators will be able to go to any date and time and be able to pull up what was published on any blogs in their community at that time including not only the post but images, attachments, and comments - this is a critical component for any organization concerned with compliance reporting.

We're adding threaded comments to the platform as well as a "discussions" view of posts (or aggregated posts) with threaded comments turned on. This will work in much the same fashion that photo albums or calendars work today meaning that you can create discussion forms automatically with a single platform.

Express Version - Implementation Roadmap
Leveraging what wev'e learned in some 50 or so significant corporate blogging deployments, we will be releasing the first turnkey roadmap/approach to launching an enterprise blogging initative combining three critical components for success: an intial evaluation to determine specific program requirements, an express package that will allow you to rapidly begin using and benefiting from blogs, and the most comprehensive enterprise blogging platform on the market addressing all the security, accountability, compliance and integration issues to fully leverage the technology.

And Then What?
A day of rest for our development crew... Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, there is more to come on all fronts - changes to our UI at the content authoring level and at the community level, several new intergrations, more mashups, a public API... and lots more from there!

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BY: Paul R. (10/01/2022 10:14:00 AM)
COMMENT: Thanks Robin, it sounds like your team has some exciting things planned. I'm interested in hearing more about this express version you mention, what kind of capabilities will be included, and how much it will cost.

Response: An express version will primarily be available as a way to get your feet wet our approach to corporate/community blogging by giving you a way to quickly set up a community of 10-100 bloggers. Design options will be somewhat limited as will aggregation. Personalization, permissioning, advanced aggregation, and identiity will remain in only in the enterprise version. Pricing will start at $250/mth and more details will be available toward the end of this month.

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