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Help us design our new digs...With the new faces we've been adding (and the fact that there's more to come), the current office has gotten pretty cramped so we've signed off on new digs. At the moment it's a blank canvas, i.e., one big open area that we get to design.
If you'd like to weigh in on what the space should look like, what we should include, etc., I'd love your feedback. Below are the very basic notes thrown together for the space planner along with a couple of pics... you'll notice I've opened this up as a wiki so go ahead and click "edit" to add your thoughts.
Notes for Space Planner:
In very broad stroke terms, if you try and line up what our space should be with what we do and who we do it for, you'd need to come up with a space that is dotcom meets enterprise...
We have a preference to do things like office in the middle to make sure the people in open areas get the windows. Open areas should include spots to meet/collaborate adhoc....comfortable chairs intermixed in the open areas...whiteboards on wheels or areas where walls are whiteboards. We'll want a few rooms that people can use for privacy to do things like web training sessions. Also thinking that we'll want an area set aside to use for doing weekly podcast/vlog.
Laundry list:
- Reception area
- Main boardroom
- Multiple small meeting rooms
- Open areas that can accomodate 30 or so workstations
- A "war room" that is dedicated to the development team
- 5 exec offices
- 3 or 4 other offices that people can jump into for things like webinars
- 1 podcast/video room or area
- 1 kitchen/cafe/lounge area
- 1 "sandbox"/QA area
- 1 network, printers, file/storage room
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