Digitial Hollywood's Building Blocks 2006
I'll be in San Francisco next week and speaking on a panel moderated by CNet's Dan Farber at Building Blocks 2006 along with imeem's Steve Jang, meebo...
Aug 9, 2006
at 2:49:00 PM
Smart Communities
Did I mention that iUpload is based in Burlington and that I went to school at the University of Waterloo?Smart Communities Contest...
Feb 23, 2006
at 9:30:00 AM
McDonald's launches Corporate Responsibility Blog - Open for Discussion
After launching an internal blog initiative at McDonald's Corporation, we often get questions about WHEN/IF they plan to blog publicly? We recently l...
Jan 23, 2006
at 12:01:00 PM
New Year's Resoleases...
A new year has meant lots of planning around what lays ahead for the next 12 twelve months. For all of you that were thinking " what does iUpload...
Jan 10, 2006
at 9:05:00 AM

Social Media Ethics Questionnaire

I will post the quantitative parts publicly in a subsequent blog post...
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