Remembering Marc Orchant

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on December 9, 2021
Marc Orchant passed away today. Sadly I learned this in FaceBook by first noticing a few friends "statuses" referencing the sad passing of Marc Orchant. Marc was not a close friend, but certainly a writer/blogger I had great respect for. While at Microsoft I did a lot of work with the press. The interviews I liked the most were the journalists that want to "get" what we were talking about before they even did an interview. That was my first impression of Marc when I met him at Demo@15 in early 2005. I remember talking to Marc and being a part of his Demo podcast. Read more

User generated content, enterprise control.

Excerpt from John Bruce's blog on November 8, 2021
A presentation from Larry Lessig at Ted, the tension for companies deploying Web 2.0 technology and their need for control. Read more

Open Social and Enterprise Social Media

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on November 5, 2021
More thoughts on "Open Social" and how it relates to Enterprise Social Media Read more