Open Social: What it means to Enterprise Social Media

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on November 1, 2021
I've already been asked 4 times today what I thought about "Open Social". Open Social is Google's initiative to allow developers to write to one API and pick which social "host" to get the data from. Read more

My Interview with Shel Holtz

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on October 31, 2021
I had a great interview with Shel Holtz where we talked about Enterprise Social Media and some of our accounts. Northwestern Mutual came up quite a bit as a great example of a company using Social Media to engage staff in the conversation. Read more

What does it mean to be "enterprise" social media?

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on September 27, 2021
Some interesting comments from attendees at a recent tradeshow sheds light on what it means to be an "enterprise" social media solution. Read more