Customer 2.0 - The Business Implications of Social Media

Hi all, last week we announced the release and availability of the Aberdeen Group report (which we sponsored)
titled "Customer 2.0 - The Business Implications of Social Media." The report can be downloaded for free here.

The report details how companies are successfully using social media to
improve customer satisfaction and retention, and derive actionable
marketing insights. "Customer 2.0" outlines the organizational
processes and technology needed to generate meaningful
consumer-generated insights that can be used to fuel product
development and marketing decisions.

It's insightful and informative.  Have yourself a read - you'll find it valuable. 


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BY: Keith Haughey (23/07/2021 11:54:19 AM)
COMMENT: This report will help anyone who is involved or researching the use of social media. Many of the data points they highlight are consistent with the conversations I'm having with our customers. One of the data points that separate a "best in class" company from a "average" company is centered around taking action on the data. One of the many reasons why customers are moving to Awareness is because our platform approach provides the capability to measure (report) on the heat zone's in the community (content and people) regardless where or how the content came into the community. Collecting content is a good first step. Understanding the content, linking that content to profiles, the ability to share and promote items of interest, as well as, take action should be everyone's goal.

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