Gaining Awareness within the Social Networking / Social Media Soup

A website...That's all you got - Do you have the reach you need?

A company's online presence is a combination of usage between different social media platforms and social media networks. Treat the company's online presence as a meal which has many ingredients. To differentiate your company (picture it as the meal) from all other similar companies the goal should be to  create a delicacy not "just" a meal. The ingredients to make this killer meal are the social media services and tools that are now a staple in any companies online identity. These ingredients are also vitally important to how new readers, customers, associates find you. If the meal is the metaphor

Some companies do it well...some not so much and well some not at all.

When the world collectively deems salad as good for you and should be consumed daily for a healthy well balanced diet....everyone agrees. The problem with that is, nobody asks what should go in the salad, what particular ingredients and does it have to be the same for everyone? What if you really can't stomach cucumbers (no hate intended).

The Social media strategy of a company is becoming more and more vitally important to the marketing community. Social media marketers are now asking questions like; what tools to use
and for what audience and how do we use them to engage with the customer?

Here at Awareness we have a website, multiple communities running on the Awareness social media platform as well as utilizing other tools to get our voice out there but more be heard. The services that we use and encourage you to read, follow, befriend, stumble along or digg out are as follows:

 our RSS Feed:

The ingredients listed above are by no means the be all and end all to the company but it does reach out and expose what we do and who we are to different types of people with different interests and in the world of social media that is a very sought after dinner to dine on.

What ingredients does your company use to create the best online social media dinner?

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