The Marriage of Synchronous and Asynchronous communication within online communities

As many of you have read, I've had some great conversations with my friends at Cisco Webex.  We use Webex to present to hundreds of people.  Over the last year I have met folks from their eLearning, and eMarketing groups and since then I have begun to think deeper about how we can use both synchronous and asynchronous communication to foster a community. 

Let me explain.  "Synchronous" simply means you are communicating back and forth and for the most part you are reponding to what was just spoken.  "Asynchronous" refers to how online communities work.You can go back in time and comment on something someone said 5 days ago.  You read the conversation in any order you want.    When chatting about this with my friend Dana Bowler at Webex we spoke for quite a while on how the synchronous events could draw the community together and re-engage them in the community after the event.  The result of that chat is a Webinar we will both Co-host. 

Click here to register.  Details are below.  Looking forward to the discussion!

Webinar: The Facilitated Discussion
with Dana Bowler and David Carter - June 18, 2022 2:00 PM EST

What better way to add relevance to your online community and build relationships with its members than through real-time discussions?

Join Dana Bowler, Global Collaboration Consultant at Cisco Webex, and David Carter Founder and CTO of Awareness Inc. on June 18 at 2PM ET as they discuss the marriage of Synchronous and Asynchronous communication within online communities.

In this session, Dana will share best practices around facilitating a topic based discussion. You will learn how to engage the audience in conversation and the best ways to weave the experience back into your community. David will take us through "Points of Enthusiasm" and how to leverage the excitement of your audience to build participation and conversation within your community. In addition, he will discuss the value of archived content as a way to drive ongoing participation with your community.

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