Passion is Contagious: Interview with C.C. Chapman

I have only known C.C. Chapman for a couple of years. We first met when we were both speakers at the New Marketing Summit (now the Inbound Marketing Summit). Actually, I think our first “in person” meeting was just before I interviewed him for New Marketing T.V. What’s really interesting is that while we both graduated from Bentley University (granted it was at different times - C.C. is WAY older than me ;-)) and shared several friends (shout out to @bostonsarah), we first connected through social media. You see, the first time we actually “spoke” was months before we met in person when we began chatting on Twitter and Facebook. C.C. said it best during the session “I guess this social networking thing really works.” Since our first meeting at NMS I have seen him speak 5 or 6 times and I always learn something new from him. It was great connecting with him last week and I hope you get some great insight from the interview below (slides, recording and a podcast of the Q&A session are included in this post):

Slides from Building Participation in Your Community: Passion is Contagious:

Recording of Building Participation in Your Community: Passion is Contagious:

Podcast (Audio Only):
Passion is Contagious: An Interview with C.C. Chapman

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BY: Sachin Uppal (16/06/2022 3:31:13 AM)
COMMENT: I am floored by a presentation on "Passion". Brilliant work. Passion can not be bought, fantastic slide. Re-enforces the fact that in today's world... if you have worked hard on your product, spending on media channels is not a limitation to spread the word. Thanks for sharing.

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