High Output LEDs for Personal Therapy

  • JKpow
  • 8/12/2021
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I have a small project I am working on for personal therapy use. I am trying to find some high output LEDs in the 635nm (Red) and 405nm (UV) and maybe even Infrared ranges that produce a light output that is uniform at about 30deg. I need to be able to run the LEDs at different frequencies from 0hz -1khz.

I currently have 1 LUXEON pack a square heat sink with about 8 very high output red LUXEON LEDs. It runs on 24vdc. Although I am not sure what nm the LEDs are. The intensity is what I want, although I would prefer a 12vdc cluster.

Do you offer anything close to what I want above?

Do you sell in small quantities? If not, where can I find them?

  • 8/12/2021

    LUXEON LEDs are in the visible spectrum only. However, you can refer to our online store at and search for LEDs covering other wavelength ranges. As for the 635nm range, the Red LUXEON Rebel LEDs have a wavelength range of 620.5 – 645nm (typically 627nm). Please review the LUXEON Rebel Direct Color Portfolio datasheet; for more information: Regarding the forward voltage, the Red LUXEON Rebel LEDs have a forward voltage of 2.9V at the test current of 350mA. So connecting n LEDs in series will need a n x 2.9V (if driven at 350mA) power supply. Please contact our sales department for information about pricing and quantities 1-888-880-3449

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