Welcome to the Future Lighting Solution's community!

  • Stephanie.Ing
  • 9/8/2021

Welcome to the Future Lighting Solution's community!

As a leading provider of LED lighting components and support services for solid-state lighting products and installations, we strive to make LED lighting solutions simple.

This community is designed to provide a venue for all lighting related discussions. Please feel free to leave a message, start a discussion, or ask one of our technical experts a question. We are here to help and assist in any way possible.

  • 9/8/2021

    Hi I am a blogger and I would like to write an article about your led installs. Something like a before and after picture and some numbers on how much the customer saved in lighting bills. Thank you

  • 9/9/2021

    Hi Grikl,Is there any particular application you were looking to write about? We have a variety of case studies on our website that you can refer to. It includes details on why the customer chose to work with Future Lighting Solutions, why they chose LUXEON LEDs, and how much savings they incurred by switching to an LED-based application. Read all about it here.

  • 9/10/2021

    Hi Stephanie, I liked the story about the jewelry store. You have any new stories ? Maybe something in America?Maybe something very new. I have a cold storage place thats converting to LED's in a few weeks and I am gunna get before and after pics and chat with the installer and get numbers on the savings, and I have seen alot of gas stations converting. you have anything like this going on in the Cali area?Thanx Daniel

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