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Got Questions About Your Brand on foursquare? Awareness Has the Answers

Awareness’ free foursquare Perspectives tool enables organizations to search database of foursquare venues to identify trends and gain insights into the behaviors of users

BURLINGTON, Mass (July 07, 2022) — In the last year, and even more so over the past few months, the popular location-based service, foursquare has grown at a staggering pace. Now boasting about 1.8 million users, foursquare is getting about 15,000 new signups every day, and just announced via its official Twitter feed that is reached one million check-ins in a single day. With this growing popularity among users, enterprise brands have been struggling to figure out how they can leverage this service as part of their marketing mix. In response to these challenges, Awareness, Inc., provider of enterprise-grade, on-demand social marketing management software, released foursquare Perspectives, a free marketing tool that generates and delivers comprehensive reports for enterprise marketers to uncover valuable trends across their multiple foursquare venues.

This news comes hot on the heels of Awareness announcing the addition of foursquare channel support to its flagship product, the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, to allow enterprise marketers to manage foursquare venues and publish tips to all or a targeted segment of venues through a single interface. Awareness is now offering foursquare Perspectives, a free marketing research tool, to any brand interested in seeing the statistics behind their foursquare venues. The data generated from the foursquare Perspectives report is especially valuable for Awareness Social Marketing Hub users who want help in identifying the key foursquare venues that will generate the greatest response rates to published tips.

"Marketers that are both new and experienced to location based marketing should first take inventory of their customers' locations in order to be efficient with their investment in time and resources before they embark on a foursquare marketing campaign," said David Carter, CTO and Founder, Awareness, Inc. "The data generated from the foursquare Perspectives report gives brands the necessary information needed to make smart decisions based on those statistics."

foursquare Perspectives is ideal for companies with multiple locations such as Starbucks who, according to the foursquare Perspectives report, has more than 9000 venues. After entering 'Starbucks' in the search criteria, foursquare Perspectives identified that the 9,000 Starbucks venues listed on foursquare received more than 815,000 check-ins, crowned close to 6,000 mayors and welcomed 300,000 unique visitors to-date. Using this valuable data, Starbucks can pinpoint its most popular foursquare venues and cater its marketing campaigns based on demand and where their customers are checking in most.

David Carter continues, "User adoption of foursquare is growing rapidly. While many enterprise brands are taking a 'wait and see' approach before adding it to their marketing mix, it won’t be long before we see a huge increase in the number of brands adding foursquare as another social marketing channel to further extend their reach. The addition of channel support for foursquare within the Awareness Social Marketing Hub and now the release of foursquare Perspectives gives enterprise marketers the tools needed to dive in and begin using foursquare as an integral part of its marketing mix."

foursquare Learning - Free eBooks

Along with the availability of foursquare Perspectives, Awareness has published two eBooks available for free download to any enterprise marketer looking to learn more about foursquare and how they can include it as part of their marketing mix. The eBooks feature data gathered over the course of the last several months and observational analysis of key brands running marketing programs through the channel.

The eBooks are available to download here:

About foursquare Perspectives

foursquare Perspectives from Awareness, Inc. is a free social marketing tool that provides brands with valuable and useful insights about how foursquare users are interacting with their physical locations. The foursquare Perspectives report delivers key statistics such as total venues, total check-ins, unique visitors and total mayorships, and presents that data through comprehensive charts, graphs and maps to help marketers easily visualize key market trends among foursquare locations.

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