Awareness is finalist in MITX Technology awards

Today we announced that we have been chosen as a finalist in the MITX Technology awards, which is a coveted competition in New England.  The awards select innovative technologies and companies in the New England area.

The award process was pretty interesting.  We were notified on a Monday afternoon that we had to be downtown on Wednesday at 4:30pm to present to the judges.  I was the presenter for Awareness, and it was fun to see many other notable companies at the competition (I even knew a few judges in another category unrelated to what we do).  The rules were very clear:  You had a handful of minutes to present/demo, and about the same time for the judges to grill you with questions.  And grill they did -- they were very thorough, covering everything from technology to business model to target audience, etc.  They also did a great job of not letting on about how they felt --when I left I couldn't tell if I'd done well or not.   It was all pretty enjoyable.

Anyway, we're thrilled we were selected as a finalist, and now we have to wait to see who actually wins.
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