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Excerpt from John Bruce's blog on July 23, 2021

After months of hard work, I'm delighted that we can now take the wraps off...
  • a new company name that better describes what we're about.. Awareness
  • a new version of our platform.. the Summer 2007 release
  • significant additions to the executive team and staff
  • new headquarters near Boston and expanded development facilities close to Toronto

Fueled by a round of financing we raised back in February, from two great investors.. Greylock and North Bridge.

We felt the old company name, iUpload, didn't describe the value we help our customers build, so a change was in order. By using our Enterprise Social Media platform to roll out all things Web 2.0, like blogs and wikis, companies are driving significant results from increased awareness of their employees, customers and partners. The new name was a natural.

Of course, along with the name came the new branding, positioning, website and all else that goes with it. Hiring an executive as talented as Eric Schurr to lead our marketing efforts was a boon.

Our CTO, Dave Carter, and the development team had been champing at the bit to add new functionality to the platform, so the Summer 2007 release became an exciting project. I couldn't possibly do it justice here, but it's well worth checking out in one of our weekly webinars. The team's now off thinking about their next major release and we've added another strong executive, Doug Caldwell, to lead development.

Folks who've been in the Web 2.0 world for any time will know Robin Hopper, one of our founders and someone with real vision for how corporations are best able to leverage these technologies. With all the interest we're receiving, Robin's now focused on working with our business partners.

To round out the team, we've added an exceptional CFO, Steve Richards. Opening two new offices, hiring staff and wrapping our arms around the growing sales pipeline... Steve has his hands full.

Not to say that making all these changes hasn't been challenging enough, but along the way we've also doubled the number of communities we're serving.. no mean feat given everything else that's been going on.

Fabulous job all round from the team.. along with all the customers, partners and supporters who helped to make this happen.

Now we can dedicate ourselves totally to delighting our customers and growing a great business.
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