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I just read a great article in the Arizona Daily Star on our client EarthKnowledgeEarthKnowledge has done a great job of taking their environmental-consulting business and enhancing it with a social media community.  We worked with EarthKnowledge  to take geo-specific data and not only provide it to the community to be commented on, edited, voted on, but also mapped using Google maps.  Check out the article.. and check out the Earth Knowledge site
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I'm working on a pretty cool project with our friends at P&G (Procter and Gamble).   Along with the team from P&G, Awareness is building the social media lab to allow P&G brands and specific partners to interact and discuss how social media might be used.  We are also one of the partners participating in the lab.  Its a nice change to be building something we get to participate in as well.
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Big Day for Awareness Platform

While the folks in marketing will issue a proper press release, I wanted to take a few lines to talk about why I am excited about our latest release....
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