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I haven't blogged a lot in August. I've drafted a ton, but getting closure on each post has eluded me.  I have a lot to rave about, lots to rant about.

On the rave side, I was thrilled about the company rename and the release of our Summer 07 version.  that was my last post.  Lots of coolness in that release like Geo-Tagging, Tagging, Bookmarking and a ton of other features.  Lots of back-end enhancements as well.  I plan to post a little something about each feature since I find myself composing email explanations several times a day. 

On the rant side, my personal mobility has been horrible.  Ask me about Windows Mobile HTC phone which I loathe.  It looked cool, and I gave up my Blackberry, but missing features like "searching email" have increased my blood pressure a ton. The keys are bigger than my Blackberry.. but flatter, so I accidentally dial the phone whey trying to type all the time.  I'm sure at some point I am going to accidentally email my anguished expression  via the camera on the phone.  The "net-net" with Mobile is that I still feel like I should  be able to do more when I am mobile.

Back to "rave".  I had some great chats/briefings with analysts from Gartner, Forrester, Gilbane, TechTarget and others.  I love their reaction to some of the features in the platform.  In fact I love their reaction to how we treat content the same across wiki's, blogs, user generated content, discussions, photo albums, and bookmarks. Getting this is key.

Back to "rant".  (see how I balance this by going back and forth) I had a horrible experience with the United Airlines.  I've traveled a ton this summer (heck, I am in San Francisco as I type)  and Kayak.com has served me well.  The problem occurred last week when I was trying to find an earlier flight out of O'hare to get home. I searched Kayak.. got a great deal.  It sent me to United's site.  The good deal was still valid on the United.com site (sometimes prices change while you are on Kayak).  Then I clicked to by and the cost went from $130 to $420 with a message like "oops, the price has changed".  Thats a big "oops". I figured it was bad luck on my timing. So I went back to the United search and wow.. that cheap flight was available again.  So I clicked and the price goes up again.  Of course I complained.. we'll see how it works out but no one has called me back.  I did a video capture of the experience when I tried the second time.  Maybe I'll post it :)

Closing on a "rave".  I was at BusinessWeek in New York last week and had a great chat with Stephen Baker.  I like the interviews that are really just great conversations.  We had a great chat about how important tying profiles to content is.  Stephen talked about how even inside BusinessWeek, people don't know much about each other.  Like a lot of companies, you are know by what hat you are wearing at the time. 

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