Digitial Hollywood's Building Blocks 2006

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Runs 8/15/2006 until 8/17/2006

I'll be in San Francisco next week and speaking on a panel moderated by CNet's Dan Farber at Building Blocks 2006 along with imeem's Steve Jang, meebo's Seth Sternberg, and Gather.com's Thomas Grace. Here are the details:

Building Blocks 2006
August 15-17, 2006
Marriott San Jose Hotel
301 South Market St., San Jose, California
Session: Blogs, Mashups, Social Media, Wikis, and RSS as Mass Media - Blog Movements as Agents of Change
Session Time: Thursday, August 17 from 11:05 to 12:20 PM

The title is a mouthful and seems pretty broad so I'm interested in your thoughts/take... go ahead and post them as comments.

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